What are certifications EHEDG and 3A?

marzo 11, 2019

And how to use them to my advantage

All companies, whether large or small, develop their activities in global and changing markets, finding themselves in search of the best quality and the best price in the products they develop. This is where having certified equipment in their processes gives them a broad advantage over the competition, according to information from Merca 2.0, teams with certifications have up to 38% more opportunities to complete a sale after the first approach.

For these reasons we will talk about the certifications of our teams: EHEDG and 3A.


Standards 3A
The 3A standards are issued by Sanitary Standards Inc., based in the United States. The certification is a worldwide recognized sanitary norm, due to the high degree of requirement and standards requested to receive one of its certifications. Dedicated mainly to guarantee the materials and processes applied to sanitary equipment for the food,
beverage, dairy and pharmaceutical industries, giving certainty to food-grade safety for the consumer and public health.


EHEDG Certification
The EHEDG (European Hygienic Design and Engineering Group) certification issued by the organization with the same name aims to guarantee the processes, materials, packaging and equipment used in the generation of food products both in Europe and in a large part of the world. Created according to the norms of the European legislation on sanitary processes, obtaining one of its certifications under rigorous investigations and petitions to the companies that look for to receive the certification.
All the equipment that has EHEDG can be found on the Food-Info website, which is constantly updated with all the information related to them. Once having knowledge about the certifications, we will mention some advantages that we can offer in the market.

• Security and confidence in our products. - Possessing a certification of this type, transmits a good image, prestige and confidence to our current and future clients; which helps us to generate a positive link with the prospect from the moment of negotiation for the purchase of the product.

• Contracts with multinationals. - Many large corporations demand their suppliers a commitment of high quality, among which we find having these certifications to take into account the purchase of equipment, having them opens the door to the world of multinationals, resulting in big business and big sales for our companies.

• Differentiating element. - Having these certifications offers us a great advantage over the rest of the competition, due to the small number of companies that have them. In addition to being easily recognizable throughout the industry.
• Greater presence in the market. - The institutions in charge of issuing the certifications seek in the same way to promote those brands that count on them, providing them with a space within their websites and in their monthly numbers of e-mail, giving them many more visualizations. to these companies.

• Increase in closed sales. - As mentioned previously, those companies that have these tools increase up to 38% their chances of closing a purchase after the first contact, undoubtedly a unique element to generate a substantial increase in sales volume.

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