TWIN SCREW PUMPS : Everything you need to know.

mayo 17, 2018

The game-changer pump that it is leading the market.

Q-Pumps positive displacement twin screw pumps are designed specifically for sanitary processes, manufactured 100% in stainless steel fulfill very high quality standards.

Its operating principle is based in two intermeshing screws that move in opposite directions causing an axial movement which allows the gentle transportation of the product from the suction side to the higher pressure discharge side.

Thanks to the non-contact between rotor/rotor/case the wear is reduced even when running at high speeds, it also requires low NPSH as a result of its high suction capacity which gives a constant and pulsation-free flow.

Unlike other pumps, twin screw pumps are totally drainable and generate low shear stress in fluids which reduces cavitation.

Among of all of its features Q-Pumps twin screw pumps can be assembled with 3 different rotors :

  • 2 Threads for high flow, low pressure and big solids.
  • 3 Threads for medium flow, medium pressure and small solids.
  • 4 Threads for low flow, high pressure and no solids.

QTS pumps are predestined for demanding pumping tasks of dairy, chemical, personal care, pharma, food and beverages, among other industries. Pumps can handle a wide range of viscosities from 1 to 1,000,000 cP and are able to increase efficiency as viscosity rises.


  • - 100% CIP running at high speeds
  • - Self-Priming
  • - Speed up to 3,000 rpm (depending on the fluid viscosity)
  • - Close clearances for vacuum capability
  • - Bidirectional
  • - Process optimization
  • - Low NPSH requirement thanks to its high suction capacity
  • - Constant flow, virtually pulsation-free
  • - Ideal for handling abrasive products
  • - Can handle products with up to 60% of entrained air 
  • - 3-A & EHEDG certified

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