Successful business relationships: Short and long term sales.

abril 19, 2019

Our chain of distributors is an extension of the company to complete the sale with the final user, so in theory we should have a close relationship with them for support when facing obstacles within the industry.

However, this is rarely carried out in practice by companies in the market. Likewise, a distributor should have a close relationship with the end user, allowing you to meet their needs and provide an efficient solution to these. By having this kind of relationship, we could even achieve to be the “official provider"; for large corporates, which
leads us to have good recommendations and references in an industry that is known for the importance of maintaining good reputation within it.
The above is known as ;business relationships;, an area little explored and exploited by pumps distributors worldwide. To become experts on the subject, give us a significant advantage over the competition, opening the door to new and better business with potential customers.

Experts in the field of Marketing and Administration, have developed some key points to have successful business relationships with our distributors and end users, most important of them here:

Listen carefully to our customers
A common mistake when selling our products is talk about them, mentioning all its benefits and improvements over the competition. Even this is important, the first thing to do is identify user needs and possibilities to acquire a new equipment, this will allow us to offer the ideal solution for process pump and mention only the most remarkable features for him, which in most cases will give us a greater chance of a sale. It is important to develop a capacity for analysis and synthesis of information to become experts in this activity, at first sounds like a complicated task. However, consistently implement it helps us to build a new strength in our everyday routine.

Encouraging them to interact and participate with us.
It is important to keep in constant contact with our customers, to achieve this we can implement strategies based on product training, not just providing knowledge about the team, as well it is important to provide information about who our company is and which personalized product activities we own to impact on customers.

Give this more humane training help us to create closer and trust based relationships with external stakeholders.
Find a good experience We must know and consider that we are doing business with people, allowing us to create a rewarding experience for our users not to forget neither our product, nor our company. It is
important to allocate a portion of our time to thank our customers for their purchase, contact them to know the satisfaction of the product sold or to wish them a great new working year.
These details, though small, symbolize the importance we give to our customers and the level of care that we provide throughout their buying process with our company.

Considering dissatisfied customers
According to information from the AMA (American Management Association) a good recommendation could make us win 3 customers, on the other hand, a bad recommendation will make us loose 10 customers on average. That’s the importance of listening and considering customers who advise us to improve any of our business processes. So that the client will know that not only your complaint is heard, other tools are created to ensure that the mistake does not happen again.
Regaining his confidence and correcting a bad recommendation to a high-quality experience is a great way to acquire faithful clients.

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