Sales Tracking

marzo 11, 2019

Absolute Fidelity.

One of the most important factors to have a successful company, is to have a high volume of sales that allows healthy growth in all areas of the company. So, you usually think about how to get a customer to sell for the first time, ignoring the most important factor of all, how to get the customer to buy more than once.

The most successful companies in the world, are all the time looking for how they are going to get a customer to buy two or three products of their brand in a year, or when the product needs to be changed look for their brand to use it once again. Derived from these investigations, they discovered that post-purchase tracking generates the definitive fidelity of a customer with the brand. That is why, below we show you the three most important points to develop your sales tracking program:

1.- Tracking speed

Contacting a customer in the first 7 days after delivering the purchase, increases up to 67% the probability of closing a future re-purchase. While doing it after 7 days decreases the probability up to 8 times!

That is why we must keep a daily record of products delivered to schedule an email or call in advance, to ask about the quality of the service and the team in their functions.
This will give us an advantage, to know the level of satisfaction of our customers and improve in the weak points if necessary.

2.- Training in the products

Facilitate the client an online or face-to-face training on the product that he has bought, it helps us not only to generate a closer relationship, it also gives us security in that this product will have an adequate use and therefore the great performance that we offer in our advertising.

The customer will feel served by the company and will not hesitate to contact them at another time if they need to buy a team, as well as the workers of that company, who will be able to observe the great performance of the product and will think about recommending it in their next jobs if is the case.

3.- Updates and launch mails

It is important to share with our customers information about the updates of our products or the launch of a new one, since the needs you have may change and a new device with other features may be necessary.
Additionally, customers will know that beyond not registering continuous purchases we have them in mind and we will be at your disposal if any kind of attention is necessary.

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