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febrero 19, 2021

Q-Pumps was born in Mexico in 1997; With the firm idea of ​​becoming leaders in the manufacture of sanitary pumps worldwide.

Q-Pumps was born in Mexico in 1997; With the firm idea of ​​becoming leaders in the manufacture of sanitary pumps worldwide, we bring to the market a wide variety of sanitary pumps that make processes more efficient and generate greater productivity for companies. With a presence in more than 55 countries and the perfect combination of state-of-the-art technology and a team of experts, we manage to exceed the expectations of our clients worldwide.

One of the keys to our success is to make available to our customers a pumping equipment tailored to their needs, Q-Pumps pumps can be adapted to each of their processes. To maintain leadership in the sector and continue to be a key piece in the production process of companies, every day the Q-Pumps team puts all its passion, talent and commitment to develop efficient technologies that can provide a plus to each company.

We are experts in the manufacture of sanitary pumps for the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. And as we have grown we do not stop innovating; we currently have international certifications such as:

  • 3A
  • FDA

These certifications are an essential requirement to provide security to our clients; With Q-Pumps you will have products with the highest quality and the best technology, in such a way, we are the best solution for the development of your company.

In addition to these certifications, all our sanitary pumps are manufactured to both American and European standards, thus meeting the demand for NEMA motors and IEC motors.

Check out some of our most popular sanitary pumps:

It will be a pleasure to commit to you and your production goals, together we can improve your company’s processes through a pumping solution tailored to your needs. We help you take your company to another level!

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