Product testing: The perfect closing for a sale

marzo 22, 2019

When a client is in the final phase of the purchasing process, the company must offer his better arguments to get the best out of the negotiation.

On our capacity of conviction, it will depend if we will win a new customer or if, on the contrary, the interested company will decide not to buy our products.

In the search of obtaining total confidence from the client, one of the resources with better results, it is to offer him a practical demonstration of the product in the one interested in order he can verify by first hand that it works with the high performance that we communicate. This practice also works to seek to convince the client to such a degree
that we look for new business opportunities in the future.

The demonstrations of product must work as one of our better arguments to make concrete a sale, to have a great strategy will help us to take advantage of its benefits and offer a great quality service to our clients. That’s why we are showing you some of the most important aspects to consider while generating this strategy:

To determine the precise moment to offer the demonstration
To come to the latter phase of the process of purchase means that the client has a significant interest to acquire the product. In fact, someone who does not have interest in the article surely will express a negative response before the possibility of receiving a demonstration of a product, since it will perceive the commercial visit as a practice out of place.
One of the keys on success in this practice, is not to force a  demonstration until the person is ready to carry out it. We must have clear that it is necessary to offer it only when the client wants to verify the veracity of all the benefits that you have offered him as part of the purchase of the equipment.

The importance of defining feasibility on sale
The demonstration must be prepared across a form of specific and general information of the product tested. With this form, the information will be helping the company to decide if the solicitor is sufficiently relevant to do a demonstration of product or not.
It is necessary to bear in mind that a demo of product implies an economic effort, translated so much in time dedicated by the sales team and engineering, since in economic direct investment if displacements exist. Because of it, the worry does not consist only if the client is prepared for the moment of the purchase, but also in that the company thinks that it has possibilities of obtaining a benefit with this effort. In case of seeing low viability of business, it is better to be grateful for his interest to the client, but to deny the possibility of carrying out the test in question.

To assure the performance of the equipment in question
If the client has come up to the latter stage in the process of sales, it is important to ensure that the test will show satisfactory results that will allow us to conclude with the sale of the equipment in question.
For it, meetings must be carried out between the sale and engineering teams defining the times and equipment that will deal the test, as well as the personnel that will have to be present to assure that the process should be satisfactory.

Analysis of results
Finally, we must bear in mind that later to the test we must deliver a detailed report of the process of test, so that the results are tangible and relevant for the buyer in power.
In this analysis, it is necessary to include also, the technical suggestions to extract the best profit of the product and avoid external responsibilities to our companies.

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