Personnel Selection

abril 10, 2019

The perfect engine for your business.

It´s an everyday situation at a company hiring staff to replace an employee or fill a new position within the organization, the processes are different and sometimes the services of a third party are used in the form of head-hunters to carry out the process. But, ¿How we know our real needs about a new partner?

To get different results that can be considered as an engine of change within our companies, it is necessary to consider the real needs of the job and what kind of work we expect from a new co-worker. Beyond personality, it is important to define what we are looking for and what role that person will play in the company.

Considering the above-mentioned human factors give us a better position to make the right when you face the decision to sign with the best candidates for the job. Since this new employee must not only provide great results for the company numbers, you must also provide a means pleasant and creative environment for other colleagues in the department assigned.

By now the personal interview has lagged as the primary way of recruitment, in fact, there are new recommended ones by experts in Human Resources that are believed to have come to know much better the actual employee skills and performance when facing true difficulties at work.

As an example of these new trends and forms of selection we have:

- Simulation

This technique is intended to be common in the short term at international level, however, there are still few professionals able to develop simulators suitable for employment. The purpose of the simulation is that the candidate can experience a situation that may arise under normal conditions within the company, so recruiters can know their reaction and know how the candidate could react to events in the future. Examples of this technique are role playing and group dynamics. A positive and unique feature of this technique is that you can not only evaluate the technical knowledge but skills such as leadership, resilience, etc.

- Challenges or tests

This technique has emerged as a favorite for large companies in the world such as Google or Facebook. In this exercise, the candidate is given a test with respect to the job you are applying. Challenges or tests allow the candidate to show all their technical and professional skills as well as his personality, allowing them greater freedom to define its process of analysis and decision making. In some companies, the tests are usually games with a specific challenge or puzzle without questioning directly about the service or product that the company sells.

- Inverse recruitment

In this new form of recruitment, you must request the employee to directly expose their skills and abilities to prospective employer, it is believed that there is less bias on the accuracy of the data provided. While the applicant is allowed without exposing by a follow set format, allowing for the most natural expression of our talents without being forced by the interviewer.

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