New Range 2019: Know your competitive advantages in the market.

marzo 11, 2019

Our 2019 product range represents a technological breakthrough in the sanitary pumping industry.

This can be observed both in the innovation of the equipment against the
competition, and in great commercial opportunities to expand and make the market more efficient.
Listed below, we will mention certain competitive advantages of commercial type that the new products can offer and some ways to take advantage of them:

QIM + / QDB +: A single mixer, multifunctional.
-Adaptation to the client. -The variety of add-ons and configurations, through which different problems can be covered, which helps us to adapt to different applications, which is reflected in the multiple performance of the equipment. Therefore, we have covered a greater number of potential markets.

For example:
QIM + R1: Large inclined slots.
They serve to mix powders (flour, sugar, carbopol, milk powder) in turn have a slightly improved performance in terms of flow.

QIM + R2: Large slots
It is used to mix powders (sugar, flour, carbopol, milk powder) with liquids.

QIM + BRG: Radial Bárrenos
To mix liquids with liquids or oils (oil with water, emulsions) and to better break up the crumb in powders that moisten quickly or to grind solids.


SIS +: The most economical internal health seal
-Specific Needs. - It represents a great advance that SIS + represents in greater resistance to water hammer and its pressure of greater closing force on the faces of the seals, added to the fact that it helps in that it is always lubricated and refrigerated, it will last greater and less wear on the parts.

-Competition of Cost.- The SIS + teams with all their technological improvements help us to compete directly in different applications with other brands, however, it has an advantage because it has a lower cost. This point must be taken advantage of in order to offer clients extraordinary results with a significantly lower investment compared to the competition, which they will greatly appreciate when making the purchase decision.

QTS: New Attachments such as

Applications Lip Seal. - Chocolate, glucose, crystallized honey,
Applications New Rectangular Suction. - Meats, masses, glucose, evaporated for purées, etc.
These business opportunities will help improve the penetration capacity in different markets, to expand them and improve the performance obtained from the range of Q- Pumps products.

We invite you to learn more about these new products in the products tab.

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