Negotiation: The technique behind the closure.

junio 25, 2019

How really a sale closes? It is common when talking about selling a product to always think about having a great knowledge of it, prepare well our corporate presentations or have a test lab to achieve convince the customer choose us over the competition.

Having these tools well-developed helps us get better and greater chance of a sale, however, to really close it is necessary to develop our skills in NEGOTIATION. Developing these skills becomes complicated because it is not an issue that is depth touched at universities, it is rather a skill that develops over the years and experience.
Even though there are some steps/tips that can help you improve your negotiation skills despite not having a vast experience in the field, then you mention some of them to include in your list of skills apply:

• Previous investigation on necessary information
Appointment before having to conduct negotiations should research on the internet about company policies applied to providers, company values and even the profile of the person you have the interview. Internet is one of the most powerful weapons with which companies now must find information and competitive advantages, but surely you will not take advantage at a disadvantage against the market.

• Define negotiation strategies
It is common to participate in negotiating teams with two people or more, so it is necessary that all know clearly which role they will play in negotiation and when to act. Additionally, you need to generate strategies for implementation if the negotiation does not go according to plan, remember that to close a business is not magic or luck what’s needed, you need to be well prepared to face the moment.

• Develop a plan on negotiation
You must have well defined upper and lower limits for your trading, ideal conditions and necessary on which you can negotiate to reach an agreement that benefits both parties. There must be absolute clarity about what to offer in order you aren ́t staying stuck in any part of the negotiation.

• Closing the trade
Prior to end the meeting, it is important to make a list of actions to take, as it can be the dates of payment and delivery date for issuing invoices, receiving material, etc. This is to avoid any confusion and remember the topics discussed at the previous meeting to clarify the situation.

• Auditing process
When finishing you must take a review of what happened at the meeting to know what was agreed or what was needed to talk later, if necessary it is important that you apply as soon as possible for another meeting or call to discuss items taking advantage the deal was closed recently.

• Create a file on previous negotiations
Create this folder will help you have a binnacle in which you can support during the length of the contract, to ensure that all shares in both companies were conducted. In the same way, it may serve as a guide to review the documents and mistakes you may have made during the process for improvement in future appointments.

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