Expos: Your potential customers in one place.

mayo 17, 2019

Having a good strategy for finding new customers is essential to have a good amount of sales and feed our databases, in this scenario we find Expos as a highly functional tool that if properly implemented will give excellent results directly impacting our

Currently, there are a lot of companies dedicated to organizing expos at regional and national levels, within its methodology the most important part is to target a specific industry sector.
Resulting in high-quality networking between suppliers, buyers, strategic partners, etc.
If you have not yet decided to participate in an event of this type or are not sure you want to repeat the experience, then we will give you some points that will help you to properly define your decision:

Why is it important to have a booth in an exhibition?
An expo gives us the ability to segment our advertising directly reaching our target market, which gives us a better chance of success in investment compared with social advertising, magazines spectaculars, and other resources.
Ina addition, Expos allow us to show prospects the quality of our company and its competitive advantages. To achieve this, we must design a booth that distinguishes the values ​​upon which our company works: innovation, creativity, seriousness and commitment.
That’s the importance of participating, however, this booth should be planned under high standards that guarantee the quality of its construction and will work to meet the objectives set out above, by not to paying special attention to planning the results could not be the expected.
What are the main benefits of this strategy?
According to a study published by the specialized site elempresario.mx placing a booth increases the possibility of closing a transaction by 50% compared to other media, including digital. This is undoubtedly the most important benefit that participate in a business fair we can provide, even
it´s not the only one, among the most important points are:
Short working time.
Direct exposure operation of equipment.
Instant solution to customer questions.
Personalized attention for each prospect.
Obtaining work and personal data, for our databases.
Product analysis and competition strategies.
Greater depth knowledge about the industry we seek to attack.

Is Q-Pumps currently attending expos? Where?
Q-Pumps regularly attends expos in different parts of Mexico and the world with the intent to:
support our chain of distributors in their business strategies, to publicize our products, launching new technologies and contact key prospects within the industry.
Some of the most important expos where Q-Pumps has been presented are:
ANUGA in Cologne. (Germany)
PACK EXPO in Las Vegas. (USA)
FARMA FORUM in Guadalajara. (Mexico)
PRO PACK in Shanghai. (China)

In the fifth edition of Pumping News (digital Q-Pumps magazine), we will talk about the most important elements to consider when making a booth.
If you are not subscribed to the magazine, email us and we will send it monthly for free.

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